NEAM requires the location to be a planned, livable home not a shed, camp etc.  Your location must have a physical driveway and a foundation for a home under construction (minimum req.) 
before a 911 address may be issued. 

If these are not your conditions, a 911 address will NOT be issued.  Thank you.

Unity Fire Chief: Tim Davis  


Fire Station


For ALL: Burn Permits  
Fire Warden

Bruce Adams


Deputy Wardens
Tim Davis
 Bob Brown

Fire Dept: 543-3838

The Town of Unity Fire Department is looking for E.M.T's,

or individuals who have some time to spare and willing to help.

To be considered, please contact or send resume to the Town of Unity

Selectman's Office

13 Center Road, Unit #3

Unity, NH 03603. 

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*911 Number Issuance - Please Note *