1.  All waste must be in a special yellow  bag or it will not be accepted.

2.  Bags are sold singly for $2.00 or 10 bags in a roll for $20.00

3.  Fees must be paid at the transfer          station when items are dropped off.

4.  The transfer station attendants are willing to answer any questions or give you a hand with heavy items.

5.  Recycling is free.

Recycling saves you money

You can reduce your disposal costs by:

Composting kitchen scraps and yard waste.

Purchasing goods in recyclable packaging.

Recycling as much as possible.


Must have valid 2020 dump stickers which can be obtained with written record of vehicle registration from the Town Offices

 Limited to:  2 stickers per household.

Unity Transfer Station


Manager: Vanessa Keith

​Transfer Station Employees
Clarence Gee

John Kotuli
Herbert Wheelden
Craig LaFountain-Schnyer

Town of Unity, NH

Pay as You Throw

Recycling Program

The policies and procedures within this program guide have been approved by the Board of Selectmen

Residents purchase special yellow bags for their household solid waste.  The special yellow bags have a distinct marking and are available for Unity Residents at the transfer station.

The revenue from the sale of the bags pays for the disposal of the waste and the operation of the Transfer Station.

The special yellow bags are the only bags allowed in the compactor.

Recycling is free.


Wednesday: 1:00 - 5:00

Saturday: 8:00 - 4:00

164 Mica Mine Rd.

Unity, NH