Town Clerk's Office

13 Center Rd, Unit 1
     Unity, NH  03603

 Town Clerk

​Ramona Labrie

 Deputy Town Clerk
​Kevin Brenker

Phone:  603-542-9665

Fax:  603-542-9736

 M/W 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

     T/TH   8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Birth, Marriage, Divorce,

and Death Certificates (Vital Records)
Minutes of Boards
Dog Registrations
Marriage Licenses
Town Meeting Information
Vehicle Registrations and Transfers
Voting & Elections

Boat and Municipal Agent


No Transactions will be taken  15 minutes before closing to enable timely closing procedures

Please note mail and drop box can always be used - include your phone number for a call when registration is completed

Post dating a check when there are no current funds may be considered illegal.  Please DO NOT send post dated checks, banks may cash any check regardless of date - there will be a processing fee of $50.00 assessed for any post dated or bounced checks sent back to us after deposit and no further personal checks may be accepted from those tax payers in violation.   

Voter Guide for Election Ballot Amendment

To file for Elected Public Office Openings

See the town clerk between

Jan 25 and Feb 2nd during office hours or Feb 3 from 3-5PM

1 Supervisor of Checklist - 6 year term

1 Library Trustee - 3 year term

1 Planning board - 3 year term

1 Selectman - 3 year term

1 Trustee of Trust Funds - 3 year term

2 Zoning Board of Adjustments - 3 year terms

Testing out the new "One4all Accessible Voting System" pre-voting day. This system was 1st used at the primary and features various disability friendly features. It has both keyboard and touch screen and will read to you through a headset as well. It verifies your choices with you before your final ballot printing. Maybe think about giving it a try even if you don't need to so that there will be a few of them printed on voting day? That could help ensure that no-one disabled person who may choose to use it as a necessity, does not become a stand out ballot. Also, it's pretty cool. 😉

 Secure Drop Box for Registrations
Mounted Out Front for Check Payments

Holiday Closures

Feb 20th​

One4All Voting System