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Rhonda King


Deputy Tax Collector

Jennifer Amell


​Fax - 603-543-0272

Open M/T/Th 9am - 3pm  & Wed 10am - 6pm


When are taxes due?

The property tax year runs from April 1st to March 31st. Property taxes are based on the assessed value of your property as of April 1st of each tax year.

The Town of Unity has adopted the twice per year billing procedure.  One bill is due mid summer and the other mid winter.  The due date is 30 days following the billing date.

The first bill is calculated at one half the previous years’ tax rate.  The second bill is calculated at the current years’ tax rate, adjusted by the first bill amount. Any property taxes not paid by the due date are subject to an interest charge.

Property owners should be aware that it is their responsibility to contact the Tax Collector’s office to notify us of an address change or for a duplicate property tax bill in the event they do not receive the original billing.  Not receiving a tax bill does not eliminate the owner’s responsibility for payment of their taxes and/or possible penalties.  Tax bills are sent to the last known owner and the last known mailing address. If you have a change in address, please contact the Selectmens' Office.  If you do not receive your first half bill by June or your second half bill by November, please give us a call or check our Tax Kiosk.

State law requires that each town update property values at least every five years. (RSA 75:8-a)

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Post dating a check because there are no current funds may be considered illegal.  Please DO NOT send post dated checks, banks may cash any check regardless of date - there will be a processing fee of $50.00 assessed for any post dated or bounced checks sent back to us after deposit and no further personal checks may be accepted from those tax payers in violation.   


Assessing cards (often incorrectly referred to as "Tax Cards")

are available on the Assessing Tab at the page top

Property Assessments are a function of the Selectmen's office,

not Tax Collection

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Property Deeds are also not kept in the offices in general - If you are seeking a copy of your property deed please click here and request one from Deeds 

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