Camper Permit

​Building and Health Inspector 

Paul Moeller



Town of Unity, NH​Planning Board

Please turn into Selectmen's Office

Print and fill out all pages

or permit  application will not be accepted

NEAM requires the location to be a planned, livable home not a shed, camp etc.  Your location must have a physical driveway and a foundation for a home under construction (minimum req.) 

before a 911 address may be issued. 

If these are not your conditions, a 911 address will NOT be issued.  Thank you.

Please turn into Selectmen's Office

Driveway Permit Paperwork


Pursuant to the Town of Unity's Land Use Ordinance, ALL citizens who wish to use a camper for temporary use on their property, must first contact the Select Person's office to obtain signed a permit. 

All camper permits are NOT for longer than 90 days and are only valid between May 1 and Oct 31 of any applied for year.   However, if camper is being used for active home construction, a longer period of time "may" be granted by the Select Persons. If so, an approved building permit MUST accompany the camper permit request.

IF you are currently in a camper, with no signed permits, within the borders of the Town of Unity, you are currently in VIOLATION.  Anyone in violation shall receive a CEASE and DESIST order accompanied by a daily fine.  A second offence shall incur higher fines.

Camper Regulations on Property

Building Permit Paperwork

*911 Number Issuance - Please Note *

Please turn into Highway Dept.

Glenn Walker



Planning Board Meetings are Held the First Tuesday of the Month,

at 7 PM at the Unity Elementary School.

Below is a link to the Office of Energy and Planning website.

They list each type of energy exemption. 

Solar, wind turbines, Outdoor furnaces, Etc.

Unity is currently listed for exemption up to $20,000