Please turn into Selectmen's Office

Building Permit Paperwork

Please turn into Selectmen's Office

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Please turn into Highway Dept.

Driveway Permit Paperwork

Planning Board Meetings are Held the First Tuesday of the Month,

at 7 PM at the Unity Elementary School.

Below is a link to the Office of Energy and Planning website.

They list each type of energy exemption. 

Solar, wind turbines, Outdoor furnaces, Etc.

Unity is currently listed for exemption up to $20,000

Town of Unity, NH​Planning Board


Pursuant to the Town of Unity's Land Use Ordinance, ALL citizens who wish to use a camper for temporary use on their property, must first contact the Select Person's office to obtain signed a permit. 

All camper permits are NOT for longer than 90 days and are only valid between May 1 and Oct 31 of any applied for year.   However, if camper is being used for active home construction, a longer period of time "may" be granted by the Select Persons. If so, an approved building permit MUST accompany the camper permit request.

IF you are currently in a camper, with no signed permits, within the borders of the Town of Unity, you are currently in VIOLATION.  Anyone in violation shall receive a CEASE and DESIST order accompanied by a daily fine.  A second offence shall incur higher fines.

NEAM requires the location to be a planned, livable home not a shed, camp etc.  Your location must have a physical driveway and a foundation for a home under construction (minimum req.) 

before a 911 address may be issued. 

If these are not your conditions, a 911 address will NOT be issued.  Thank you.

​Building and Health Inspector 

Paul Moeller


Print and fill out all pages

or permit  application will not be accepted

Camper Regulations on Property

Camper Permit