Emergency Order 52A

Universal Business Orders

Safer At Home Orders

Safer At Home
Emergency Order 52B

Specific Business Orders

COVID Governor's Orders - NH Safer at Home

In Effect Until January 15, 2021

The Town of Unity has remained open throughout the various COVID orders.  Above are the current COVID orders valid until possible change August 21, 2020.  Many Towns have closed entirely using only mail or a drop box.  We have not.  We opted for window service. 

That plan will continue through this next stage of orders as the current "Safer At Home" Orders would require a lot of work and town budget money to open entirely under.  The current orders are posted above, but they include all personnel being masked and gloved the entire day, with fresh gloves and masks daily.  Requesting all incoming people to mask and glove.  Using seperate entrances and exits and not allowing people to pass one another in the halls.  Disinfecting the building after each client. Marking the floors and walkways with 6 foot separation marks.  Only allowing one client in at a time.  Taking all employee and visitors temperatures.  Maintaining a list of clients to contact in case of potential exposure.  The list goes on above.

So, while yes the state is "open"  the guide lines are expensive and widely encompassing.  Window service only requires that those employees in the building are not sick, remain 6 feet apart and sterilize hands during the day and offices at night.  Clients outside should remain 6 feet apart.  Thanks for understanding and we will continue to process your paperwork through the window.

Orders are being Extended 1 month at a time as Evaluated by State

Libraries, Industry, Schools Etc.