Elderly Exemption Packet PA-29, PA-33 

and Financials MUST submit all forms

The Selectmen's office is the point of contact for assessing.  An assessor is in once a month to take care of forms etc.

For help please contact the

Selectmen's office at 603-543-3102

or email from the Contact Tab

Hours of operations

Mon 1PM - 4PM

Tues 9AM-3PM

​Wed 10AM-6PM

Assessing Questions

Veterans Packet PA-29, PA-33 

Must submit all forms

**Assessing maps are not exact** 

They are for town planning purposes only - These maps here do not guarantee exact property borders.  You must refer to your own deed or personal land survey for that. 

Assessing maps and cards can be accessed and printed here.  Printing assessing maps is not function of tax collection.

PA-30 Packet -PA-30, PA-33 and

Financials MUST submit all forms


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